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Sailing  Abroad​


Velella Voyages is an adventure of world travel. As a team, Sunpiper and myself, hope to travel the

world. Along the way, we will be joined by other adventure seekers who will come aboard Sunpiper.

We hope to share our adventure with you. Follow us on our journey across oceans and landscapes.

Read our blog, view our videos, rember to comment and share what you see with others.

What is in the works ?

Sailing South!

We have set off! In August 2018 Sunpiper and I took off from British Columbia and sailed south! We've made it to Sanfransisco, Visite d the Channel Islands, and hopscotched down the coast to Ensenada. We hope to keep on sailing south for the following few months until work calls us back!

August 2018- Spring 2019

What Is the big Idea?

I am in my twenties and I am setting off to travel the world aboard my 40 foot ketch! I've managed to pay off the boat, and now working to upgrading her (Sunpiper). Four years ago while traveling, I gave my self a 5 year plan to work towards. The idea was to procure a sailboat, work to pay it off and set off to sea. Left on the to do list, set off to sea, no set destination, and a log book to fill up! 

Feb 2016 - Forever (minimum 5 years off shore) 

Upgrading Sunpiper

It is time to make Sunpiper a safe and enjoyable ocean crossing vessel. To this day she has seen more of the ocean than I. It is time to lift the floor boards, scrape the haul inside and out, and give her a make over! This is a task that will demand a lot of grunt work. Sunpiper and I will be working on making sure we are ready for our departure in 2018.

Jan 2017 - Dec 2017

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